Moana Disney Princess

Three thousands years ago, the most famous seamen travelled all over the world, sailing through the huge Pacific Ocean, and finding many of the Oceania islands. But, it happens that, for a thousand years, those travels stopped and none knows why. Moana is a teenager who takes part in a dangerous mission in order to show she is a skilled traveller, wanting to accomplish the search of her ancestors. During this travel Moana meets the legendary demigod Maui, with whom she sails the sea in a journey full of action, facing huge fire creatures and apparently insurmountable obstacles.

Moana Waialiki:

she is the main character of the movie, a teenage princess who lives on an island of the South Pacific with her father and grandmother. Inspired by the mysterious history told her by her grandmother, Moana longs to understand why her people stopped to travel the world and stayed on their island.


he is the co-star of the movie, a demigod able to change his aspect. He has a giant magical harpoon and the body covered in animated tattoos. As he feels incomplete, since he’s not a god neither a human, he likes to show his divine powers.

Jefe Tui Waialiki: he is the chief of the people of Motunui, a Polynesian island and he is also the overprotecting and wise Moana’s father.


She is the bright and caring Moana’s mother.

Tala, the grandmother:

she is the mother of Moana’s father and she has a special relation with her granddaughter, which whom she shares the same passion for the ocean.


it’s a Vietnamese pig, Moana’s bff, who will accompany her to the mythical island.


it is a clumsy rooster joining the journey of exploration of the protagonists.


it’s a bad 15 meters crab from Malotai island, the kingdom of the monsters.